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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We're sure you have questions about WarrantyTrack and its related issues. This FAQs section would be your ideal starting point for clarifying matters before you contact us. If your query is not listed here or if the forums haven't been able to give you the desired answer, feel free to contact us.

In order to help you find your answers more easily, we've divided the questions under two categories.


  1. Can we store details of customers without the need for re-typing them for every transaction?

    Yes, and thereby WarrantyTrack helps you minimise errors and speed up your work as well.

  2. Does WarrantyTrack also store supplier details?


  3. Is it possible to have a single product coming from multiple suppliers?

    Yes. And you can track every piece of the product by suppliers.

  4. How do I allocate a supplier to a product?

    First, you need to have the supplier information entered into the system. Next, you can conveniently assign the supplier to every entry of new stock.

  5. Does every item need to have a product and serial number?

    Yes, it is mandatory. It's through these codes that every item becomes trackable.

  6. What's the difference between the product code and serial number?

    Product Code is common to a single product. Eg: IBM Mouse with wheel Model: MO32BO. You can have several pieces of this product.

    Serial number is unique to every single piece. You cannnot have the same Serial number of all of the pieces for a single product.

  7. Are the features on the menu, the only ones available on WarrantyTrack?

    This release is just the start of the core. It will be extended pretty soon and all users can look forward to free updates.

  8. There's a certain feature we'd like to have developed and it's not in WarrantyTrack right now. Will you build this for us?

    We would love to. Send us a note through Feature request (paid) or put this on the Wish list.

  9. Is the commercial version of WarrantyTrack different to the community edition?

    No, but depending on customer needs, a particular installation may be different. This is because of customised or added functionality specific to a particular organisation.

  10. Can I customise and use WT as per my needs.

    Yes, as long as you adhere to the license under which it is issue. Currently WarrantyTrack is offerred under the GNU Public License V3 (and above).

Licenses And Support

  1. How is WarrantyTrack licensed?

    IUt is licensed under the GNU Public License V3 (and above). Marha Online, the copyright owner, also offers a Commercial Support License.

  2. What is the difference bertween the Commercial and Open Source version of WarrantyTrack?

    There's no difference. It is the same codebase. However, the Commercial version may be modified by us based on the users' specific needs.

  3. What does it cost to obtain a Commercial License?

    This is dealt with in detail, on the main site here:

  4. I'm on the community license. How do I get support?

    Everyone is part of the community. This includes users, developers, testers, documenters and contributors. Everyone is ready to help as and when they can, through the forums and discussions here at Marha Online and here at SourceForge. There are also tutorials including videos, some of which should be paid for.

  5. Can I copy WarrantyTrack and offer it as my own program for a fee?

    Certainly not, as this would violate the GNU Public Licensing terms.

  6. I want to give copies of WarrantyTrack to others, for free. Is this allowed?

    Yes, it is legally permissible for you to give copies to others as long as you abide by the licensing terms. However, we encourage users to download the software directly from our repositories so that they are open to several benefits.

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