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WarrantyTrack Commercial License

Corporate Version: Use the WarrantyTrack system for your business

Your total investment towards a Corporate version is USD 700, and this is a one time fee. If you would like to receive support for WarrantyTrack, we have available a choice of support services which are available to View Here . All monetary values are in USD.

Install & setup server OS
  • Ubuntu server OS. The version would depend on what is available at the time of installation.
  • Configure the LAMP stack - Apache, MySQL and PHP
Setup WarrantyTrack DB This covers
  • Installing the WarrantyTrack database onto server
  • Setting up default user account with access rights.
  • Setup backup user account and DB backup script
  • Setup backup cron job for server
Install & configure the WarrantyTrack software This covers
  • Installation of the WarrantyTrack software onto server
  • Setting up user/client information
Testing the WarrantyTrack system
  • We will test the system from up to 3 workstations. This does not include networking or any other hardware troubleshooting issues. We will however, perform minor software configuration and troubleshooting issues if relevant.
One time charge and obtain commercial license This includes
  • Free access to the forums: The WarrantyTrack forum offers a host of questions and answers which other users like you have had to deal with. While we believe you will benefit from these forums, you can also forward your own questions.
  • As a licensed user, you become eligible to receive special offers and discounted rates on products/services.
Your total investment 700
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